Welcome to Education Policy Cafe!

Policy is not an exciting topic for most. It tends to be a conversation that only includes the privileged few: Politicians, lawmakers, and academics while leaving citizens, students, parents and educators left to deal with the results.

Education Policy Cafe is blog, resource hub, curated feed dedicated to providing critical information to the true stakeholders in the education debate.

This blog will evolve and launch into a full website and serve as a go-to site for EDpolicy advocates, educators, and students. Our mission is make policy accessible, relevant, and even well…fun! With the inclusion of diverse perspectives, a real dialogue can emerge and real solutions discovered.

Just a little about me: A former teacher, future academic, part time artist, full time hopemonger. I started EPC after five years of working hard and seeing EDpolicy first hand in the public schools of New York City. I now live in Atlanta, Ga working with low income adult education students and studying to become a EDpolicy researcher. I also host a call-in radio show where we talk about education, policy, politics and other hip stuff. I hope to keep you coming back with fresh, new content.

Until then follow us on twitter:  @edupolicafe